Costco Anywhere Visa Credit Card Review

With his economy invincible, we will talk about Costco anywhere visa cashback card today.

This is an option, and if you often shop in good markets, you can read a lot of benefits, but there are some rules that unfortunately make it less flexible. So at first we had a 4% cash refund of up to $7,000 at Costo and regular gas stations, and now it’s up to 1%.

One of their rules is that if you go to a Wal-Mart gas station or a supermarket gas station, you get only one percent, so of course it’s a bit unfortunate. If you go to Costco regularly, because the average price is 10 cheaper, you won’t encounter this problem, and of course, there are regular gas stations, you can get 3% of the restaurant and travel shopping cash back around the world, and then 2% of the good market Costco, shopping in Costco. I think in many places at least 3% can be competitive, but at least what it is, it’s not just 1% and then you get 1% of everything else, and the drawback of this whole cash-back plan is that you can’t do it until the end of the year. They will provide you with a declaration certificate, and then you can exchange cash or merchandise at Costco, depending on you have a valid account, so you can’t withdraw it.

If you have closed the account, you must open the account to access it, otherwise you will lose the cash. So it’s a good plan, but they’ll certainly try to get you shopping in Costco, and that makes sense. But that’s just what you need to know. Don’t assume it’s going to be like these cash-back cards. You can use cash every month to give back financial things.

There is no annual fee, but this is not entirely correct. Because you have to get a Costco membership to get a card, you have to pay for a Costco membership, but the benefit of it is that you get a credit card and you can use it as an entry point to Costco. You don’t have to use a membership card and additional financial factors.

I just finished them quickly, the APR presentation was 0% in seven months, and then it reached 15 points 74%, which is the same for balanced transfer APRs. You will be penalized if you transfer the C3 balance of $3 or 3% cash advances, 25% APR for 75% and $10 or 5% fees.

On April 29, 2014, FIFA was a bit conflicting around the world because you could use it worldwide, but then you would be hit by foreign fees. So this will cut your actual income, so if you get 3% of your travel or restaurant worldwide, you need to pay 3% of your foreign transaction fees at a restaurant abroad.

That’s how it works, so it’s not a perfect system, but absolutely, if you’re a loyal friend Costco member, it’s a good card. Because a quarter of the gas is hard to tell you that American Express has a metaphor, but most cash-back cards you might get five percent, but only for a few months, in this case, only four percent of the year until you get about seven thousand, and then it reaches one percent. Pretty good system!

If you are very important to Costco, this will be a good card for you, and you won’t lose too much. Because there is no additional annual fee other than Costco membership. Now, if you just want to cash this card regularly and you’re not a big Costco person, you might want to see chase freedom or Discover it, no matter how you pronounce it, but it’s really not a bad card, because I’m said to depend on your shopping habits.

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